Some of the main sites are:
Chumphon Pinnacle: Approx. 10 Km offshore this UW granite plateau starts at a depth of 12m, the walls drop down to 24/32m. The top is covered with anemones, you can see big groupers, barracudas, travellis, tuna, batfish, occasionally reef and even Whale sharks.

Southwest Pinnacle: 10 Km south of Koh Tao. This granite boulder formation with a max. depth of 28m, surrounded by colorful soft corals, offers you the opportunity to encounter big pelagic fish as well as leopard sharks.

Shark Island: This is a small island south- east of Koh Tao, with an abundance of marine life, including reef fish, turtles, rays and much more. The depth ranges from 5m - 22m, but this site can be sometimes subject to strong currents, so it should only be dived under supervision of an experienced dive master.

White Rock: Two UW rock formations with hard and soft corals, separated by sand patches, a colorful tropical dive, ideal for UW photography, 7m - 20m.

Green Rock: An assembly of UW rocks, west of Nang Yuan, with swim throughs, tunnels and small caves additionally to a big variety of marine life. At the deep end reef sharks are frequently spotted.

There are many more sites, offering satisfying diving for beginners as well as for experienced divers. All dives are conducted in small groups off our comfortable dive boat under supervision of a PADI dive master.

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